Thursday, May 12, 2005

Big Delight in Every Bite

Thursday. Geek talk. In remembrance of the beloved Geek Council, aka The Grand High Council of All Things True.

First off, as May 19th quickly approaches, I realized today that I had been neglecting my geek civic duty and as of yet, had not made definitive plans to watch ...that movie that's coming out next week. I had caught midnight showings of the first two prequals and, since George Lucas first began tinkering with the classics by releasing the re-mastered versions of the Holy Original Trilogy, I had spent every Star Wars movie opening day with either Ross, Tim, and/or Danny. This would be the first year that I wouldn't be geeking out with one of them on opening day. And then I further realized, I wasn't in my familiar surrounding with my usual geek contacts - I was in New York! And I hadn't bought any tickets. So, on my lunch break from my mindless-monkey-job, I strolled around the corner to the Loews theater, walked up to the ticket counter (no lines, no hassles) and asked the kind lady if there were any tickets available for the May 19th showing of SW:EIII:ROTS. She asked me if I wanted the Wednesday night midnight showing? 'Uh, sure,' I replied. And suddenly, I have tickets to the midnight showing. I thought it would somehow be more difficult. I guess the Force is strong here...

On a completely different note, here's another thing wrong with comic books today: no Hostess Fruit Pie ads. Remember the days when crimes could inconceivably be thwarted with the real fruit filling and the delicious flaky crust of Hostess Fruit Pies? Patton Oswalt remembers. Read the never-to-be-published hilarity of "What If...villains could really be swayed by delicious fruit pies?"

Also, be sure to check out EVERY SINGLE HOSTESS FRUIT PIE AD EVER - complete with commentary - over at

And check out this one in particular...I could be wrong, but "Ralph G. Fake" looks remarkably similar to Donald Rumsfeld in that final panel. Harmless Hostess advertisement or portentous parable...?

'Nuff said.