Friday, August 25, 2006

I know, I know...

It's been mad here. We're all mad here.

On the plus side, I will not be homeless next week.

More writing later.

In the meantime, here's an announcement from me:

Friends and assorted riff-raff,

Monday Night at 9:30PM I'm doing an awesome show that you will like. Details below. But first...


I'm doing a quick, last-minute opening spot at Sweet Paprika. Tonight. It's a 10:30 show and one of the best in the city. $5 gets you a whole lotta comedy!

Sweet Paprika!

101 E. 15th St., Union Sq. East, the D-Lounge, basement.

Then, on Monday Night:

I'm doing a very special show on Monday night at 9:30pm called "Laughing with the Enemy". 3 conservative comics. 3 Liberal comics. And TWO Jews in the military!! One is in the Army (me). One is a Marine. One is Enlisted (me). One is an Officer. One is a Veteran of Enduring Freedom (me). One is a Veteran of Iraqi Freedom. Which one is funnier (me)? YOU can help decide!

Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you might think would be interested!

8/28 - 9:30pm: Special Show: Laughing With the Enemy - $10
From the Left:
Dean Obeidallah is a Palestinian-Italian-American, the co-founder of the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival, a frequent guest on Air America Radio and the winner of the "Spirit of Bill Hicks Award."
Benari Poulten is a former Congressional Aide, a former almost-child-star, and a former field coordinator for the Kerry campaign, and sometimes, he's a Staff Sgt. in the US Army Reserve.
Katie Halper is a walking stereotype: the female comic who jokes about judicial nomination processes and economic stratification. She's also a native Upper West Sider, where 'liberal' is a conservative word.

From the Right:
Robert George is a Catholic, West Indian black Republican. He's also a stand-up comedian...and an editorial writer for The New York Post.
Julia Gorin has appeared on "Politically Incorrect" and a number of Fox News shows (of course!). She was profiled in the book South Park Conservatives, and her jokes appear in the Complete Idiot's Guide to Jokes.
Dave Rosner: U. S. Marine Veteran (First Gulf War and Iraq), Comedian, Jew. He's been a Commentator on The Comcast Network and acted on MTV, Man Cow Radio Show and on Australian TV in sketch comedy, network drama and commercials.

45th Street Theatre
354 West 45th Street
(Between 8th and 9th Ave)

Call: 1-800-838-3006
Click here for tickets:

Make sure you select the 9:30PM show!!

Hope to see you there!