Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Head, Radio

Drowning in scripts and feeling pretty intense and moody lately. It happens.

So I got Radiohead playing on shuffle in the ol' iTunes. Here are the last ten...

My Iron Lung

You're driving me away
You do it everyday
You don't mean it
But it hurts like hell

I've said this to so many girls, so many times...

...maybe I have a problem.

No Surprises
Off of OK Computer, this music video is awesomely creepy and beautiful....

What's weirder than Thom Yorke? Thom Yorke's head submerged in a jar of water.

Prove Yourself
Pablo Honey is simply a great Rock N' Roll album. Solid guitar rock. No more, no less.

Perfect way to kick off OK Computer...hints of the more experimental techno-synth-rock fusion they would explore in their later albums.

Sit Down, Stand Up (Snakes & Ladders)
This is what hippies of the future will listen to. In the future.

Stop Whispering
I really love Pablo Honey as an album. You should, too.

Black Star
Did you know that the "Black Star" is an ancient reference to the planet Saturn? It can also mean a theoretical star that has a surface escape velocity that equals or exceeds the speed of light.

Also, did you know that The Bends album is dedicated to Bill Hicks?

Karma Police
This song always reminds me of the Beatles' Sexy Sadie. Of all their songs, this one is probably the most derivative, I think. It's also damn catchy. And it has the line: "Her Hitler hairdo is making me feel ill..." Sheer beauty.

Morning Bell
I know a lot of people don't dig Kid A or the more experimetal turn the band has taken of late...the music can be disjointed and jarring. But the hypnotic, rhythmic beats and fascinatingly complex arrangements and lyricism win you over. Great moody background music.

My all-time favorite Radiohead song, this has long been my personal anthem. Biting lyrics, sweet riffs...and an absolutely vicious guitar solo in the middle. This is rock n' f'n roll! Plus, the video for it is kind of brilliant.

And that's why it really hurts.