Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From Big Mac to Sir Mac

I know Paul McCartney has a formidable army of lawyers to help him get through his current divorce from Heather Mills.

But may I humbly suggest the addition of one more to his legal team:

The awesomely crazy, ranting guy from Mickey D's last night. This guy is good.

An excerpt, from what could be a closing argument:

"Paul McCartney has billions of dollars. And he was married to Heather Mills for, like, 3 years? And she wants half? Hell, no! Half?! You ain't earned no billion dollars! You didn't write no songs that changed the world! You weren't even born yet when he wrote them damn songs! You didn't write no Hey Jude. You didn't write no Satisfaction. Half?! Hell, no."

Gold. Pure gold.

The defense rests.

And yes, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction is a Stones' song...but he was on a roll.