Sunday, January 02, 2005

Notes from the underwhelmed

I'm not big into profiles. And by that, I mean I hate writing profiles for myself. You'd think it would be easy. I mean - who knows me better than me? And who would enjoy writing shit about me more than me? No one, that's who. Aye, but here's the rub: I'm indecisive. What shall I include as my favorite movies? Should I include all of them? I mean, I have like my top 5 movies...but those are my top 5 today. That could all change tomorrow. Or maybe I'll forget one. Do I switch some out as my tastes shift from day-to-day? Or do I continue adding to the profile. But then, suddenly, I've listed 100 movies...they can't all be my favorite, can they?! 'Tis a dilemma. For me. I'm sorry that anyone else had to read that.

But, I also feel the narcissistic need to express some aspect(s) of my personality and provide some sort of context for this exercise in futility (that would be this blog). So. An attempt at the conventional profile has been made. I'm sure it will change. Often. Or maybe not. Something to look forward to.

And don't even get me started on music. I'm fanatical over the Beatles. But including the Beatles in my favorite music catagory seems Everyone loves the fucking Beatles. I mean, not as much as me, but still. Of course, I thought I loved the Beatles. Until I met Lukas Haas. He fucking LOVES the Beatles. But that's a story for another time ...