Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Kung Fu Monkey!

So, I was all set to post about John Rogers - a comic whom I only know through 2 degrees of separation and a guy who has one of the greatest jobs ever - and how his current blog should be mandatory reading for any aspiring writer... but the venerable Tim McIntire has already beaten me to it. So, check out what the good Reverend has to say and then check out John Rogers and his Kung Fu Monkey and get yo'self a little taste o' education and learn yo'self sumthin'.

When we were doing the Geek Council, John Rogers is exactly the kind of ideal panelist we envisioned: funny, experienced, and geek-tacular. The fact that he had a hand in the Catwoman movie is of little consequence to us, since even he had no control over what they finally made. I'm just happy that SOMEONE worthy made some money from it. Plus, he worked on the tv adaptation of Global Frequency and could tell us whether or not Warren Ellis really is a miserable bastard, or if he's a cuddly teddy bear, as I suspect he might actually be.

And for the record, John's screenplay of Mage is awesome and should be made into a movie immediately. Ya hear me, movie producers? IMMEDIATELY!