Wednesday, May 16, 2007


And now, a word from me:

Hello people I know. Long time. Listen:

Comedian James Patterson and I have started a new comedy show.
Because that's EXACTLY what New York City needs right now.
And we'd like you to join us for our very first show ever. Tonight.

Oh, you need more details?

Wednesday, May 16th
The Tank @ C:U
279 Church Street
(between Franklin & White)

I mean, not only will you get to see the charmingly witty Benari Poulten (that's me!) and James Patterson (that's him!) but we'll also throw in:

The Amazing Allison Castillo!
The Incredible Tom McCaffrey!
The Fantastic Dan Newbower!
And the Spectacular Baron Vaughn!

Folks, there aren't enough exclamation points in the world to convey just how hilarious these comics are.

Plus, lots of cheap booze.

So come on out and see the new comedy show from the guy ranked #35 on Mo Diggs' Top 40 Blogs By and For Comedians!

Also, comics can get in free.

Please spread the word! Thanks.

I love you all.