Friday, May 11, 2007

Now I'll NEVER go to Aspen!

From the wires:

Aspen Loses Comedy Arts Festival

The U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, sometimes referred to as the Aspen Comedy Festival, won't be in Aspen next year.

The HBO-produced festival will move on after 13 years because it is getting too expensive to hold the star-studded even in Aspen and the number of available hotel rooms is shrinking.

"The fact that a lot of the hotels in Aspen are turning into condos, the St. Regis being one of them, space is limited and its incredibly expensive," an HBO employee told the Aspen Daily News. "Many of the properties also require four- or five-day stays, which is difficult and expensive, too."

The newspaper quoted a source that said HBO was looking at Santa Barbara, Calif., as a possibly replacement for Aspen.