Thursday, July 27, 2006

An important message

From the lovely ladies of Sweet Paprika:

Summer's almost over.
I hate to be the one to tell you, but I must.
Seriously, one more month and then it's back to the same grind you've had all summer, minus sidewalk cafes and rooftop parties.
Does anyone have a roof? Call me!

We're celebrating the last week of July with a bang, a scream and a strum.
Here's who's doing what:
Dan Newbower - Low key, relentless persuasion
Brad Loakey - Definitely bang
The Hazzards - All the strum without the drang
Benari Poulten - Please and thank you

And Allison and Ophira, screaming to be heard over the siren song of the vodka...

Sweet Paprika
at D-Lounge, beneath the Daryl Roth Theatre
Every Friday at 10:30pm
101 East 15th St. at Union Square East
$5, 2 drinks, endless laughs


You heard the gals. Ge thee to D-Lounge!