Sunday, July 09, 2006

today's brilliant quote

In honor of the end of the patriotic 4th of July holiday week, I give you a quote from perhaps the greatest All-American paramilitary wish-fulfillment movie of the Reagan-era, Red Dawn.

From the paranoid pens of director John Milius and writer Kevin Reynolds.


Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey before they sexed it up in Dirty Dancing.

C. Thomas Howell fresh from The Outsiders, pre-Soul Man.

Pre-Deadwood Powers Boothe - and although he never actually says it in this movie, it's retroactively implied that he calls everyone a "cocksucker".

Lea Thompson before Back to the Future and Howard the Duck ... but only a year after we saw her breasts in All The Right Moves.

Charlie Sheen, before the hookers and coke!

Also, it's a fact that Red Dawn - along with Rocky IV - finally ended the Cold War.