Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stand Up Guy

John Morrison has got to be the nicest, most respectful guy in NY stand-up right now.

He puts together a great little monthly show at the Cornelia St. Cafe in NY and although the audience was light last night, they were friendly, engaged, and generous with their laughter.

As for the man himself, well, I don't mean to gush, but John really knows how to treat a comic. He provides food and drink and even a little money (it's a paid gig), the show order is given far in advance, so you know exactly when you're going on, and he packs the show with a great variety of different comics, men and women of all backgrounds and's really a great show.

It's like he just really loves good comedy or something?

The Morrison Motel has one more show before a summer break, the second Tuesday in June. You should go. It's a great show filled with excellent comics and an audience who's there to laugh. It's a cheap cover and a $6 drink minimum (the beers are only $5, so a Stella and a coke'll do it...but the food's great, too!) And John could use the support. He runs a room in this city that actually treats comics as people and respects them as performers. I know, it's making me a little misty, too.

Second Tuesday in June. I'll see you all there.