Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Best. Cross-Promotional Marketing. Ever.

The Fantastic Four movie open on July 8th. And, as we all know, the FF receive their fantastic powers thanks to being bombarded by cosmic rays.

So, it struck me as awesome this morning when I read:

DENVER, Colo. - An international science group Tuesday chose Colorado as the site of a $50 million observatory to measure the cosmic rays that continually bombard the Earth.

Cosmic rays exist and scientists are gonna study 'em! It's only a matter of time before scientists actually figure out how to harness this power and turn themselves into real-life superheroes. Or tamper too much with science and unleash powers man was never meant to meddle with - it can always go either way.

Jim Sites, associate dean for research at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, a member of the collaboration, said the observatory is designed to capture the extremely rare, highest-energy cosmic rays that pack so much power scientists cannot figure out what produces them.

"It's possible there's a very mundane answer, but my guess is there's going to be some light shed on something we have just been speculating on, or haven't even guessed at yet," he said.

Sites said only about five high-energy cosmic rays have ever been measured. Cosmic rays were first detected in 1912.

Yep. I'd say the boys of science chose a pretty fantastic time to apply for funding, just as movie-goers will begin murmering about cosmic rays and their varied affect on human beings. And even cooler - cosmic rays are no longer just a comic book device...they're real life science. Now, you, too, can use the term "cosmic rays" to discuss important scientific discoveries in every day life.

"I'm worried about the affects of cosmic rays on our nation's agricultural farmers."

"With the rise of global warming and the constant bombardment of cosmic rays, you can expect a very hot summer."

"Dr. Doom has built a new death ray and only the Fantastic Four can stop them with the powers they received from cosmic rays!"

Cosmic Rays are awesome.