Monday, October 01, 2007

I tell jokes. Sometimes.


My name's Benari. I'm a comic.

Why haven't I posted more videos of me doing comedy? Especially in this technological age of wizardry...?

Great question.

Mainly, I'm lazy. And I'm really not good at this whole "promoting myself" thing. And I don't tape a lot of my shows. And when I do, I don't do anything with the tapes except maybe eventually misplace them.

And then sob quietly for my lost youth.

So I'm trying to change that and I hope to be posting assorted clips from various shows on a fairly regular basis. And by "fairly regular basis," I mean I will post a video now. And then, eventually, maybe I will post another video again. Some day. Maybe.

The following bit was filmed in front of a live studio audience in August at The D-Lounge in New York City on the very awesome Sweet Paprika show.

For continuity geeks out there, I first posted about this very subject waaaaay back in February. And that, folks, is how a premise becomes a joke.

"Congratulations! You made it. You're a hack!"

"Oh, yeah!"

If you're still reading this AND you're in the NYC area this Friday, you should swing by the star-studded comedy bonanza that is Sweet Paprika, where I will be telling some more jokes. See how I promoted the show there? That's called...something something. Or something. Again, I'm not very good at this. But come to the show on Friday.

That is all.