Friday, October 19, 2007


Long time listener, first time caller. But I have decided to finally throw down.

Flipping through back issues, I almost almost forgot about Walt Simonson's oft-overlooked and underrated run on Marvel's Star Wars series. There are some spectacular hidden gems in this run with pretty nifty space opera storylines from David Michelinie, Louise Jones (soon to be Simonson) and Walt Simonson. None of which are cannon, of course. But considering what Lucas has done to the franchise, these classic tales are a welcome relief for fans looking for alternative Star Wars fixes.

Simonson really honed his skills on this series, imbuing the then-young and mostly unexplored Star Wars galaxy with tremendous energy, excitement, and a healthy dose of that ol' Marvel magic. Ah, yes. These were comic books with passion and style and grace and...

Oh, yeah. Uncle Walt also jammed these issues chock full of great geek moments. Like Lobot laying the smackdown on Lando...

"Whachoo talkin' 'bout, Lando?"

And that's just the cover.

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