Friday, April 06, 2007

Knight Industries Two Thousand

Are you kidding me?

1982 Pontiac Trans Am
305 V-8 engine
2,393 original miles

This is one of the 3 original cars Pontiac donated to Glen Larson to film the Knight Rider TV series.

It is one of only 4 surviving T-top cars from the series.

This car has been restored to it's original season 1 condition

Come take Michael Knight's place behind the wheel of one of the most famous cars in history!

I know it's geeky, but it's also kind of stylish. Certainly more functional than driving around, say, the Batmobile. Definitely less nerdy than a life-sized replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite hanging in your living room.

I mean, seriously. It's KITT.

And if you loved me, you would buy me this.