Friday, April 27, 2007

An important message


This week Sweet Paprika moves next door into the DR2 Theatre ("re"!) for a crazy all out comedy/song/dance and BIRTHDAY extravaganza!

That's right - it's Allison's birthday, and at long last, Ophira is no longer her legal guardian AND she can finally drink! To celebrate, we've got a drink special of 2 beers for $7 (get it, 27, allison's bday AND her age!). Don't worry, alcoholics, we've also got wine, beer and vodka!

What else? We've got AC/JC (featuring cabaret super-pianist, Jeffrey Cubeta) performing another musical number, with world renowned back up dance duo: PRICENBERG!

And if all that doesn't get ya there, how about these hilarious guests:

Benari Poulten: Refuses to speak to Allison, unless it's on a microphone

Amanda Melson: Rewrites all of Allison's jokes in her head

Greg Walloch: Thinks Ophira is Allison

Susan Prekel: Can't even SEE Allison, she's so tall

And of course Ophira, who found Allison in the forest and weaned her on vodka.

Join us after the show in the D Lounge to celebrate Allison's Bday 'til the bartender passes'll never end!

Sweet Paprika
every Friday night at 10:30pm
at the DR2
103 East 15th Street (btwn Irving Pl and Union Sq East)
$5 / 2 drinks /endless laughs