Monday, August 20, 2007

When I think of Serbia, I think of Stallone

A statue of Sylvester Stallone's famous film character, boxer Rocky Balboa, has been erected in a tiny Serbian town to give a positive punch to the village's image after years of hard times.

The three-metre (10-foot) high bronze statue of Stallone as Rocky, made by a Croatian sculptor, was revealed late Saturday in the center of the Serbian village of Zitiste, some 55 kilometers (33 miles) north of the capital Belgrade, local media reported.

A village resident thought up the idea of building a statue last February as he wanted to pay tribute to his favorite movie hero after seeing the sixth and latest "Rocky" movie.

"I felt as if Rocky has come from our village, he had to fight to win his place in society," Bojan Marceta said at the time.

Of course this small town in Serbia would recognize the monumental impact Rocky Balboa has had on the world. After all, Rocky (along with the movie Red Dawn) ended the Cold War when he knocked out Drago in Rocky IV. And now, all of Eastern Europe can celebrate the triumph of the Italian Stallion over the iron fist of Communism.

The punch that brought the Wall crumbling down.