Saturday, January 27, 2007

Support funny comics I know

Friend and fellow comic Dean Obeidallah has a new show on Comedy Central's website that's worth checking out.

Dean explains what it's all about in a recent interview:

I created the show with my friend Max Brooks, who is an Emmy Award-winning award winning comedy writer, in the hopes of showing our fellow Americans a funny, positive side of Middle Eastern-Americans. Also, many of the comedians in the show are not only Middle Eastern, but Muslim as well, and I especially think its important that people see Muslim-Americans not playing terrorists like on "24" or "Sleeper Cell". We want to prove to everyone who watches it that Arabs, Iranians, (and Arab/Iranian Muslims) can be funny.

At this point, Comedy Central is very happy with the content and the media attention. (The show was featured in Newsweek, AP and Reuters, to name a few.) They are actually considering a TV pilot for The Watch List so I hope everyone goes to, or our My Space page, and downloads the show – a lot!

You may recognize some other folks involved like Maz Jobrani from ABC's new sit-com The Knights of Prosperity.

So, nu? Go watch The Watch List now.