Sunday, September 30, 2007

capes vs. masks

Attention Marvel Comics. You should totally hire me to be a writer for you. Or, at least an editor, and we can go from there?


Simple. I know the difference between the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe.

Oh, everyone knows that, you might say. Well, everyone except many of the writers currently working at Marvel.

As the comic book fan base continues to simultaneously age and shrink, the contents have become increasingly self-referential and meta-textual. Often at the expense of its own internal logic. Which has become blatantly obvious in the recent pages of many of Marvel's once-magnificent mags.

Here's what I'm talking about:

It has long been established that in the Marvel universe, civilians / ordinary citizens often throw around slang words to describe costumed heroes and villains, most notably with the very derogatory term "Mutie," used to describe mutants. Now, "mutie" makes perfect sense as a Marvel Universe slang word, as mutants make up a large part of the populace. But if a DC character were to throw around such a word, it wouldn't really work, now would it?

Which is why I find it odd that "Capes" has become the new default slang word for costumed super heroes in the Marvel Universe. While "capes" would certainly seem to be a fitting descriptor for costumed adventurers over at the Distinguished Competition, very few Marvel characters actually wear capes. Most Marvel denizens wear masks. So, wouldn't the more appropriate slang word for costumed super-powered beings in the Marvel Universe be "masks?"

Or, if you wanted to be even more clever and stick with a term already established years ago by Kurt Busiek, you should call them Marvels. I mean, it is the Marvel Universe and all. Marvels. Almost makes too much sense.

That one's a freebie. My rates are very reasonable. Hire me.

I anxiously await your response.