Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I guess we have different definitions

When I think of "Power Couples," I think of such legendary romantic team-ups like:

Bogie & Bacall.
Bill & Hillary.
Beyonce & Jay-Z.
Johnson & Johnson.

But according to this "Yahoo Headline" report from LiveScience.com, I guess power couples aren't all that...powerful?

More than half of all "power couples," in which both spouses are college graduates, live in large metropolitan areas. Researchers have long assumed the couples migrate to the cities.

"...'power couples,' in which both spouses are college graduates..."

A college graduate? Really? That's all it takes to be part of a power couple? For real?


Because I'm a college graduate. Twice over, actually. And, um...it's not all that filled with power.

But perhaps some lucky lady out there - one with a sparkly college degree - can change all that.