Wednesday, June 27, 2007

double post fun

Yeah. That's right. I posted the same exact thing elsewhere.

It's a zillion degrees out today. This is what you get.

What a predicament. Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States, has declared that he is actually a part of the legislative branch (despite what Article II of the United States Constitution says) and therefore exempt from having to comply with an executive order (which President Bush updated 4 years ago) to safeguard classified documents and turn them over to the National Archives.

And yet, the classified documents his office is hiding just might offer history its most important and illuminating glimpse into the inner workings of this administration.

And while I support Representative Rahm Emmanuel's move to cut the VP's executive branch funding, it still doesn't address just HOW to wrest the records from his icy cold grip.

If only the Congress could come up with some kind of plan that they know the Vice President already agrees with.

If only the government ran some kind of...secret, warrantless wiretapping program. Where the merest suspicion of wrongdoing could lead to a complete and thorough review of all materials, documents, and/or records...

Either that, or dispatch a Jack Bauer-like agent to "persuade" him to turn over the records. That always works.

Hey, since you've read this far, swing by The tank tonight at 8PM if you're in the neighborhood. And you haven't melted into the sidewalk.