Sunday, February 11, 2007

These are the jokes - 2nd week of February '07

A new survey shows that America's Jewish population has reached 7.4 million, far larger than previously estimated. Which roughly breaks down to: 43 percent of American Jews own the media, 31 percent own the banks, 25 percent control the weather, and all the wars in the world are started by Deborah Goldstein of Great Neck, Long Island.

FEMA has determined that nearly 70,000 Louisiana households improperly received over 300 million dollars in grants, and now they want their money back. The Louisiana residents determined that FEMA improperly responded to Hurricane Katrina and they want their houses back.

This past weekend, a woman in Atlantic City, New Jersey gave birth to her baby in a casino. What are the odds?

**Special bonus cheap joke!!**

Former NBA star John Amaechi reveals in his new autobiography he is gay and played for almost 10 years without his secret being exposed. I don't care about Amaechi's personal life, all I know is that the man sure knew how to handle a ball.