Tuesday, October 17, 2006

These are the jokes - Week 4: episode I

Last night, we were handed a about three dozen premise lines and had to write punchlines to them. We had an hour.

Of the ten I wrote, three of them were decent. Here they are:

This weekend, former Congressman Mark Foley, who claims to be an alcoholic, was seen inside a bar. Foley’s staff members are just relieved that he wasn’t seen inside a Congressional page.

Sources in Iraq say the verdict in Saddam Hussein’s trial could be announced just days before next month’s US election…unless it’s an innocent verdict, in which case it will be announced after.

This week, Mel Gibson began visiting synagogues across the country to apologize for the Anti-Semitic things he’s said. Gibson said that he was surprised by how humble the synagogue buildings looked, since the Jews have so much money.

Here's one that didn't make the cut, but I like it in a Junior High sort of way:

This week the University of Wisconsin placed its marching band on probation for “inappropriate sex acts.” Apparently, students are no longer allowed to play the skin flute.