Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's been a long time

Some quick news items of note:

Rumsfeld Not Considering Resigning.

He's also not considering a long-term strategy for Iraq.

Moussaoui Mocks Psychologist's Testimony.

Everyone's a comedian.

Also, I think reality has officially jumped the shark when a terrorist is making "Best Week Ever" quips and pop culture references at his damn trial!

Tom Cruise wonders why people didn't realize he was "only joking" when he made crazy comment.

When I ranted and raved on the Today show? THAT time, I was serious. And when I went nutso on Oprah? Serious. And when I flipped out over South Park? Totally serious. But when I said I was going to eat the placenta when Katie gives birth to our kid? Just kidding!

But I'm still batshit crazy.

Record oil prices have us over a $70 barrel.

But tax cuts affect the economy, not record high oil prices!

"Economists warn that supercharged energy prices could rekindle inflation across the economy and restrain free-spending consumers."


Well. So I pay a little more at the pump. Who cares if I drive my giant, gas-guzzling Hummer? It's not like I'm helping the terrorists!
"The tension has some economic benefit for Iran: Every $5 a barrel increase in the price of oil means another $100 million a week in revenues for Iran, Yergin said."


So, I guess if you drive a gas-guzzling SUV, you're an asshole.

But that's really old news.

Also, Red Sox fans:

I'm now contributing to Away team, a NY-based blog for wandering Sox fans. Check it out.