Sunday, February 20, 2005

Still Doomed

Okay, I know I've totally geeked out on this thing, but this is an important geek update here. Remember how I worried about how Dr. Doom would look in the final version of the Fantastic Four movie?

It's worse than you can possibly imagine.

From Newsarama:

The scene shows Victor Von Doom after the incident in space which transforms both him and the FF. The doctor says that Von Doom's tissues are changing from flesh into a substance that is harder the diamond--in three weeks, his entire body will be transformed. The clip shows Von Doom murdering the doctor and making a flippant remark that he needed a second opinion.

Apparently in the movie version, Von Doom is a self-obsessed billionaire, "not unlike Rupert Murdoch" (the Fox exective cringed when McMahon said that). Also in a different take from the comic, Von Doom has dated Sue Storm in the past, and this creates romantic tension between him and Reed Richards. McMahon spoke about trying different accents throughout the film to approach an Eastern European flavor, yet in the clip shown, he spoke with an American accent.


In the movie, Doom has a “progressive illness” that slowly turns his body into living metal.

Also gone will be Doom’s Eastern Europen monarch status.
(Emphasis all mine)