Monday, January 28, 2008

The Right Stuff?

Seriously, I think my sister will be excited about this news.

She might even still have NKOTB slap bracelets.

New Kids On The Block to Reunite

The not-so New Kids on the Block are back.

Trying to see if they're capable of still "hangin' tough" in their late 30s, the one-time teen heartthrobs are primed for a comeback. More than 20 years after their debut, the bubblegum boy band that once sold 50 million albums is set to announce a reunion, reports.

But as the New Kids creep toward middle age, their dance steps on cheesy, fast-paced hits like "Step By Step" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" may have to be adjusted for age.

The oldest New Kid, Jonathan Knight, now a real estate developer, is turning 40 soon. The youngest, Joey McIntyre, an actor who appeared on "Dancing with the Stars," is a fresh-faced 35.

Donnie Wahlberg, 38, is the only member who has had any real success since the group split, with several TV and movie roles.

Did I ever tell you the story of when 12-year-old Benari flew back from an audition in New York on the Delta Shuttle...which just happened to be shuttling the NKOTB back to their Boston digs? I tried hard to concentrate on my impenetrable Algebra assignment , but to no avail, since the dude sitting next to me kept singing scales.

"Hmmmm," I thought. "That dude sitting next to me looks like a dude on the giant poster hanging in my sister's room." I used the word "dude" a lot back then , I think.

Turns out, I'm sitting next to Jordan Knight. Not quite sure how that happened, but then again, I was a twelve year old kid flying back from a New York audition on the Delta Shuttle all by myself. It was a crazy time, back then.

"Are you one of the New Kids?"


"Would you sign an autograph for my sister? She loves you."

Like a mensch, he signed a little note to my sister and then added, "She probably loves Joey."

Very proud of myself for being such an awesome brother, I returned home and presented my little 7-year old sister with the Jordan Knight signed scrap of paper.

She liked it, but she had one question for me:

"Why didn't you sit next to Joey?"

Turns out, Jordan Knight was exactly right.