Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Time for Timer!

Miranda writes:

Yes, but did you survive the ABC After School Special that featured Timer?

Uh, no. I either don't remember it at all or I have completely blocked it from my memory. Terrifying.

You know, I watched all these PSA's as a kid and I don't think I ever realized that the freaky dude's name was actually Timer. I mean, I know that NOW. But when I was a kid, he was the wagon wheel "hanker for a hunk'a cheese" dude. And he was hella creepy.

What the hell is Timer, anyway?! For real. What was he supposed to be?

Here are the other PSA's:

Okay, this PSA? Is it really necessary? "Hey, kids! You better eat food or you'll die!" Maybe we were all idiots back then.

Timer kicks ass:

Then there's this one:

I admit. I actually made these a bunch of times. So many times, in fact, my mom got me Incredible Hulk Popsicle makers.

They never tasted as good as real Popsicles. NEVER. But I kept making 'em. Maybe I was an idiot.

Timer. Jeez. But seriously, what the hell is he?!