Monday, September 18, 2006

This is only funny if you know who Rick Jenkins is.

This is Rick Jenkins.

For over ten years, he has helped guide the next generation of comics from high atop the Kong at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, providing opportunities, advice, and stage time for Boston's brightest future comedy stars.

Last April, Rick celebrated The Comedy Studio's 10th anniversary.

As a comic who started out pretty much started out when the Studio did, I watched that club develop and grow over that 10 year span. And I saw Rick host a lot of shows.

Rick graciously invited me to perform on one of the anniversary shows. I accepted.

Here, now, is that set - my tribute to the Godfather of Boston Comedy, Mr. Rick Jenkins.

Be warned - this clip is only funny if you know and love Rick. It also contains very naughty language.

Very, very naughty language. And some shaky video. Sorry 'bout that.