Sunday, July 24, 2005

Get me a book deal STAT!

Some publishing company somewhere should be giving me massive piles of cash to write self-help relationship books for chicks. I mean women. Sorry. Womyn.

Quick backstory:

Late night.
Roof deck.
Copious amounts of alcohol.
Ladies. Lots.

As always, the conversation turns pseudo-serious into "what women are looking for." Obviously, personality/emotional compatibility and sexual chemistry are musts. But one particularly honest lady put forth that - for a long-term relationship to work - money is also an essential component. So, for a good relationship to flourish, you need to have the ability to relate to one another on an emotional, psychological, and sexual level AND you need to have some sort of financial security. Leading me to brilliantly proclaim that the three key ingredients for any successful relationship are:


I anxiously await the call from Random House to publish my sensitively titled book: What Chicks Dig.

*Note: Not so insightful in the sober glow of daylight. But still.